Small Scale Green Roofs

When installed correctly, green roofs will provide you and your home with many benefits. These include the storage of water, the decrease of storm water run down; create habitat, insulation, an aesthetic impact and much more. Larger scale green roof, like those on a skyscraper in an urban city, is best entrusted to a professional roofing company. Smaller scale domestic green roofs such as garage roofs and shed are relatively easy to install as long as you make sure to follow certain guidelines.


Here is how to make your own small-scale green roof

The angle of your roof

The best angle recommended for a green roof is a slope between 2°and 10°, but even a roof that is more sloped than 10°can have a green roof installed with the help of a specialist.

Stability of your roof

It is important to have a well-functioning roof without any maintenance issues, but it is just as important to know whether your roof is strong enough to carry extra weight. The best way to make sure of your roofs loading capacity is to consult with an architect or structural engineer. Green roofs that are simple and lightweight can weigh between 13.9 to 30.0 1b/sq. ft. Another thing to calculate is the weight that the roof will take on after rain or snow. In the case your roof is unstable; you can reinforce it by using wooden supports.

Know your green roof layers

Conventional green roofs consist of many complicated layers. It is not too complicated when you are making your own small-scale green roof. There are three layers that your green roof should consist off.

  • The root proof membrane which is the layer that waterproofs your roof.
  • The substrate layer which is where the soil goes.
  • The vegetation layer which is where the plants will grow.

Make your roof water proof

The first step in starting a green roof is by adding an extra layer that will not allow water to get in contact with the roof itself. Examples of good waterproofing materials are shingles sheets and heavy-duty pond liner, found at a garden center. Any outlets should be marked before placing the waterproof layer on top so that you can cut them out at a later stage.

Drainage system

Making use of pebbles is great for two things. First, you can place pebbles around the edge of the roof to avoid vegetation growing in that area. Secondly, pebbles are a great way to make sure water blockages does not occur in outlets by adding a layer of pebbles in the drainage area. It is vital that the water is able to run into the gutter of the roof.

The substrate layer

It is important to use good soil and not ordinary garden soil as that can become too heavy when wet. Your substrate should not weight too much and have too many nutrients (which can cause unwanted plants to grow). When mixing your own soil, the ratio should be plus minus 70% inorganic material and plus minus 30% organic material. The average depth of a homemade green roof in 70 to 200mm.

Bring in the greens

Nowadays, finding a green roof seed mix at your local seed supplier is not a problem. Special green roof mixtures produce to grow plants that can stand the extreme weather. If you are not keen on waiting for the growing to start, you can buy mats or blankets that are pre-vegetated. If you feel up to the challenge of being creative, you can make your own combination of lovely greens, by choosing your own plant cuttings or seeding.

Keeping up with your greens

It is good to know that the maintenance of a small scale DIY green roof is in most cases low. To make sure that your green roof lives long, then there are certain to-dos that should be done 1-2 times a year.

  • During a drought, make sure that the plants are watered (more than once when it’s the first year of your green roof).
  • Vegetation should be cleared from the drainage area.
  • Clean your gravel edges from vegetation.
  • Bare or dead areas should get re-planted.

Extra design

To make sure your green roof remains contained, it is a good idea to build a frame around the roof, and this material needs to be of rot-resistant materials. It is important to keep drainage clear when adding a frame. Green roofs are a luxury functional fashion while at the same time you keep things Eco-friendly. Installing a green roof yourself can bring one sense of accomplished and save you money along the way. The most important thing to remember is to have fun during the process.

Small Scale Green Roofs

Ideal Summer Kitchen Styles

Creating a dream kitchen in your home is way too simple than you think, providing the fact that you are ready to implement some perfect ideas. There are many simple ways to give your kitchen a new look by using right furniture and accessories. If you have stopped enjoying cooking in your kitchen, then perhaps you need to renovate it the way you want to bring back your desire for cooking.

Until, and unless, you have all your kitchen items in their proper place, you’ll find that preparing delicious food will take longer than it possibly could. In many cases, the kitchen is not just the room of the home that you will cook in, as many homeowners also use their kitchen for socialising with friends and family. Therefore, it becomes really important for you to update the kitchen to make it look stunning and more functional. You can easily get unique kitchen ideas from the internet if you want to stick to the designers’ suggestions to create a unique space in your house.

Here are some of the important summer kitchen styles that you can look forward to if you want to get it ready for the upcoming months. Not only that, but you can renovate your existing kitchen to create one of the following types of kitchen in your house.

Rustic Kitchen

People who love the idea of giving an old world feel to their kitchen can go for a rustic kitchen. If you want to give your kitchen a more rustic feel, then you should look to add in some kitchen cabinets and storage units that are made of solid wood and timber. If you do not want to invest in such kind of furniture pieces, then you can simply use old tables and cupboards made from solid wood to give a similar feel to your space. In addition to that, you should look to make use of colours such as light brown, beige, light grey, and off-white, when you’re looking to give your kitchen that old world charm. It’s also a good idea to add vintage appliances to your space to give it a truly rustic feel and complement the surrounding decor.

Modern Kitchen

If you want to transform your dull and boring kitchen into a cooking area that offers a more modern and luxurious feel, then you should start to look for the different types of contemporary kitchens available on the market. Such kitchens are popular among homeowners because they provide amazing storage facilities, as well as adding a unique aesthetic appeal to your space. The modern kitchen is available in an array of materials, designs and colours, so you can easily add a more vibrant feel to your space.

Nowadays, people are opting for modern kitchens because they help in creating an inviting and warm space in your house where they can enjoy preparing mouthwatering food for your lovely family. In addition to that, modern kitchens add much more comfort and elegance to your home.

Modern kitchens are characterised by sleek and attractive designs, flat-panel door style, vibrant colours, frameless cabinets and shining worktops.

Traditional Kitchens

If you’re thinking of adding in a kitchen to cook for your family and friends in a classic setup, then perhaps you should go for a traditional style kitchen. Traditional kitchens have never been completely out of trend and offer a timeless style. Homeowners have always liked them for their fine details and authentic designs and can be generally characterised by antique cabinet finishes and raised-panel doors.

In short, traditional kitchens are designed for creating a perfect space for cooking amazing meals friends and families with ease.

Cottage Kitchens

Cottage kitchens are designed to meet more specific requirements, where you can get a feeling of enjoying cooking in a cottage-like environment. Cottage kitchens are perfect for small spaces. and they provide absolute comfort to homeowners. They are characterized by wood floors, soft and sober hues, vintage appliances, open shelving, extensive details on cabinets, hardwood flooring, and pendant lights. Cottage style kitchens are preferred by more and more people nowadays because they give a unique touch to the entire house. They make a great difference in the way you carry out cooking and baking.

Creating and maintaining beautiful kitchens require creativity as well as passion, and if you have both of them, then no one can stop you from having a kitchen of your choice. If you’re looking to renovate your kitchen, then look no further than Kitchen Finesse for the best variety of kitchens online.

Ideal Summer Kitchen Styles

Cast Iron Radiators explained

Winters are always extreme and it becomes difficult to survive the cold even when you’re at home with your heating on. Because of this, heating systems form an essential part of your home during the colder seasons of the year. When you think about home heating systems, though, your choices are plentiful and vary in features and functionality. However, among all the heating systems, cast iron radiators are seemingly the preferred choice due to their efficiency when heating the home, whilst also looking stylish.

The biggest benefit of these heating systems is that once they get heated, they retain the heat keeping your home warm for a longer period of time. This is in large part due to the material used, as it is the properties of cast iron that makes them the most efficient for heating purposes. As such, when looking to buy a cast iron radiator, you should look at the different types and styles before deciding which to add into your home. In this piece, we’ll outline and discuss the types of cast iron radiators that are most widely used by the homeowners.

Victoriana cast iron radiators

When you want to own a cast iron radiator in a traditional style, the Victoriana radiators are the best choice you can have for your home. They reflect the most traditional look that can enhance your home decor massively. Usually, these radiators come in sectional columns which offer greater heat flow, as the air can get in between the pipes.

There are many different types of cast iron radiators that fall under this category, from tall to short, and squat window seat sectional. Here’s what you can usually expect from Victoriana cast iron radiators:

  • The Victoriana cast iron radiators come in various sizes and sections, as per your requirements. For this, there are six different sizes to choose from.
  • Talking about the depths, there are two different options for the same.
  • Victoriana radiators are usually mounted either on walls or floor.
  • The units can go up to 60 sections.

Viscount cast iron radiators

When you have contemporary or a traditional property, the Viscount cast iron radiator may be the best choice for you. The benefit of this radiator is that it is suitable for both traditional, as well as contemporary home decor.

  • The Viscount cast iron radiators can accommodate themselves in any kind of room due to their 13 different sizes and depths, that make them more flexible.
  • With their varied sizes and depths, they add style and comfort to both traditional as well as contemporary decors.
  • The main feature of these radiators is their sectional column, which makes them unique to fit any accommodation requirements.
  • To add to their flexibility feature, they are available in a wide range of brackets and mountings to suit your needs.
  • The sectional column concept differentiates them from other cast iron radiators, and this feature provides a huge flexibility.
  • You can have the Viscount cast iron radiators mounted low in height, window box seats or full height from walls.
  • Foot brackets are another best feature of these radiators which give support to your walls if they cannot hold these radiators in case they are weak.
  • They can go up to units of 10 sections.

Apart from these two cast iron radiators, there are Bohemian, Art Deco, and Royal radiators that are equally efficient in heating your homes. When we talk about the quality of the cast iron radiators, AEL Heating provides the best of them. Make the cast iron radiator, your most stylish decor item and enjoy your winters to the fullest with the most efficient and comforting warmth around.

Cast Iron Radiators explained

Open Up Your Home to Summer

As we finally enter summer, you may be wondering how you can make sure your home is ready for the warmer temperatures and increased sunshine. Often lasting until September, our summer can be somewhat hit and miss but that doesn’t mean we can’t throw ourselves into making the most of it. From inviting the sunshine to flow through your home, or making the space appear bigger when you invite guests over, your home only needs a few subtle changes in order to be well and truly transformed.

So, if you’re searching for a way to make your home summer-friendly this year, let Phil Coppell Limited guide you. From upgrading your windows to making changes to your conservatory, you could have what feels like a new home with just a few hassle-free alterations.

Encourage Light To Enter Your Home

In the summer we’re blessed with longer hours of daylight, meaning we have beautifully long evenings and light early mornings. There’s something about the extended hours of sun that cheers everyone up a bit, and makes getting up for work that little bit easier than it does in the dark.

So, this summer you should find ways to maximise natural light and encourage it to enter your home at every opportunity. It may sound like you have to start ripping out parts of your home, but it’s much simpler than you first think.

One of the main ways light enters our homes is through the windows. An important part of your house for many different purposes including ventilation and light, it’s also important that they don’t let heat escape. A popular choice for modern homes is to have aluminium windows installed. But what difference can they make?

Aluminium is known for its strength and durability, but also its lightweight properties. For this reason, the window frames can be made incredibly slim, creating room for more glass. This naturally lets in more light to your home, without compromising on insulation or energy efficiency. Low maintenance with maximum results, aluminium windows are a modern solution for your home.

Bring Your Home Closer To The Outdoors

The beauty of the summer season is that our gardens are often in full bloom, and we need a chance to enjoy it even from inside our homes. When windows aren’t quite enough, you can enhance your patio doors to give a full view of your gardening efforts, as well as letting the sun stream in.

Bi-folding doors are becoming a go-to way of opening up your home and making you feel as though you’re closer to the outdoors, from the comfort of your living room. Adding bi-folding doors is a faultless way of maximising the summer weather; open them up when it’s blazing, and simply close them to provide protection and insulation from the elements.

Make Sure It’s a Comfortable Space

The British weather is unpredictable and as such, you’ll need to make sure your home is prepared come rain or shine. If you have a conservatory, you may have noticed that the temperature of the room isn’t quite what you’d prefer. Conservatories can be notorious for extreme temperatures across the seasons, meaning families close the door on them altogether. This issue can be fixed with a simple alteration to the structure.

Sunroom design ideas

Conservatories are great for enjoying the summer weather and are often placed right on the edge of your garden, but it’s no good if it feels like a greenhouse. Changing the roof can help to regulate the temperature of the room and ensure it is comfortable all year round.

Choosing a solid tiled roof, instead of a glass one, can transform the area and turn it into a usable, functional space for you and your family.

Open Up Your Home to Summer

DIY: Wall Garden

Shrinking spaces of the cities have led to the increase in the popularity of wall or vertical gardens. They can be built indoors as well as outdoors, and they not only improve the air quality around you but also add to the aesthetic value of the place. These gardens are suitable for those who do not have enough horizontal space for a regular garden, as well as for those living in urban areas, overwhelmed by the concrete.

Choosing a wall

The first decision to make is what wall you will use for your wall garden. The wall can be in the interior of your house or the exterior. Such walls can be aligned with your roofing system. It can be a wall you just want to cover up because it’s unattractive, but in general, any will do. You don’t have to worry about the weight of the garden, basically any wall can support its load, but you do have to consider how much sunlight it receives. You will have to choose your plants based on the conditions and the properties of the wall.

Shape and type of garden

There are many options to choose from when it comes to the type of your wall garden. There is no right or wrong choice, it depends only on what best suits you and your design and style, as well as on what you can incorporate best in your home. One of the options is a “pocket” wall garden or a container-style garden. With them your potted plants are put in containers or in some kind of pockets made out of fabric or canvas and then displayed in rows on the wall or attached to it. You can also opt for a wooden pallet. The pallet would be attached to the wall, with a cloth attached to the bottom, back and the sides of it, and then filled with soil. The plants would grow from the pallet’s openings.

Building a frame

When you have decided on the shape, type and the size of your garden, you can then build a structural basis for it. This basis consists of three main parts. You will need a frame, a sheet of plastic and some sort of fiber that goes on top of it all. It is easier and more convenient to build your frame before attaching it to the wall. The frame can be directly attached to the wall or you can build it so that it hangs, which makes it easier to take down.

When building the frame, it is recommended to use plastic elbows and joints as opposed to metal or wood. Metal can add to the weight and is more expensive, and wood can rot when exposed to moisture, if not protected properly.

A sheet of plastic should then be attached to the frame, to protect the wall from water, and to serve as a backing for the fabric that will go over it. You should attach at least two layers of fabric to make it stronger because it is where the plants will be placed. Use any fabric that can retain water for the plants and that will not rot, for example felt carpet padding.

Choosing plants

When it comes to the plants, you should first think about choosing those more “flexible.” This means those that will not stick out too much when growing, but nicely flow towards the ground. For example herbaceous ones, as opposed to trees and vines. When it comes to maintenance, your best choice is probably perennials, and especially native ones, because they are the easiest to maintain, and native plants in general are more adapted to the local climate and soil.

Consider the amount of sun, humidity and shade your wall garden will receive, and also the temperatures in your area. Choose your plants according to those conditions and their needs.

Irrigation system

You should set up an irrigation system in order to keep your plants growing. You can set it up in the form of a tube on top of your garden which will then drip water down throughout the fabric and towards the plants. Be careful not to overflow the plants with water, but also make sure to give them as much as they need. Wall gardens are a bit trickier than regular gardens as they need to be watered more often. Make sure to find the right balance. The drip-irrigation systems are probably your best option because they can distribute the water most efficiently and evenly.

DIY: Wall Garden

10 Awesome Bedroom Decor Ideas with Wooden Headboards

Bedroom décor reflects the aesthetic sense and taste of the home owner. While most of the bedroom décor ends with bed and few essential pieces of furniture, few go overboard and think out of the box.

This is when creativity and imagination club together and comes out in the form of unique décor pieces for our bedroom.

One such décor idea that can change the overall appearance of your bedroom is with wooden headboard.

While wooden headboards were traditionally meant to provide coziness and warmth to the bed, they have now become a very important part of bedroom décor. They add both functionality and beauty to the bedroom.

Here are 10 awesome bedroom décor ideas with wooden headboards that you can try to create a style statement in your bedroom.

Simple Wood Headboard

Provide a country look to your bedroom with a simple wood headboard. Get two pieces of stained wood and attach it to the bed frame to create a simple yet stunning headboard.

Or you can use old shipping pallets to create quick woodworking projects for beginners. You can leave the work as such or beautify it using nail head trims available in craft shops.

Wood pieces can also be cut into different shapes to create unique pieces. This type of headboard would suit bedroom that are decorated in casual, country and rustic style.

Carved Headboards

These headboards are meant to add to the overall beauty of the bedroom without affecting its functionality. Such headboards can either be bought as such or carved according to your taste and preference.

Carved headboard can be customized to suit your décor style like traditional, contemporary or casual. Add metallic paint or attach sheet metal to the headboard to create a more traditional feel or go for light carving on the surface for a contemporary touch.

Placed at strategic location, these headboards can change the overall look of your bedroom.

Window Panel Headboard

If you have a rustic style of décor for your bedroom, then convert a rustic window panel into a customized headboard. Remove the glass from the frame and attach fabric or fiberboard as per your taste.

You can attach it on all panels or on alternate panels. Attach the headboard onto the wall just above the bed. Your window panel headboard is all ready for show off.

Similarly, wooden doors can also be used as a unique piece of headboard. Color it according to your taste or use it with a stained finish to create a style statement for your bedroom.

You can even use an antique or carved door for a more traditional décor. Small colored doors can be used for kid’s room décor.

Floating Furniture Headboard

If you have a spacious bedroom with enough space to place a piece of furniture above the bed, then the floating furniture headboard would be the right choice.

Place a dresser or cabinet above the bed with its back facing the bed to make a customized headboard. But make sure that there is enough space to open the dresser or cabinet from the other side.

The dresser or cabinet can be replaced with other furniture to provide a new theme to the headboard.

The main advantage of this type of headboard is that it is not only functional but also stylish as you can add to the beauty of the room by placing a flower vase or a décor piece on top of the dresser or cabinet.

For tall cabinets, you can paint or attach wall decals to the back side to make it more appealing.

Bookshelf Headboard

Place a wooden bookshelf above the bed and create a unique piece of headboard. Books can be arranged according to their color to create a style statement.

Alternatively, you can also color the headboard to make it a statement piece. If you are short of books then beautiful décor pieces can be kept on the shelf to create a one of a kind look.

Spot lights inside the bookshelf can add to the overall beauty of the décor. This type of headboard can be used in bedrooms where space is not a constraint.

Room Divider Headboard

Stretch all pieces of a room divider and make it a unique headboard. To create a unique style statement, paint the wall behind the divider in a contrast color or stick a beautiful wall paper.

Alternatively, you can also paint the room divider in a bold color to make it stand out.

Click here to find out how to make quick headboards easily.

Picture Frame Headboard

Arrange wooden picture frames above the bed on the wall to create a one of a kind piece of headboard. You can either place pictures inside the frame or use beautiful fabrics with geometric or floral prints to create a contemporary look.

For those with crafty hands, embroidered or crochet work can be placed inside the picture frame. For kid’s room decor, kid’s art work can also be used to create the picture frame headboard.

This can be a quick woodworking projects for the beginners. This type of headboard would best suit small bedroom where space is a major constraint.

Mantel Headboard

Do you have old mantel lying in your backyard? Do not throw it off. Convert it into an eye-catching headboard.

The mantel headboard can be used as such or you can place beautiful flower vases or mementos on it and create a unique statement. Polish it for a more contemporary look or retain its rustic nature for a country side feel.

This type of headboard would suit small bedrooms with limited space.

Bamboo Headboard

Want to go all tropical for your bedroom décor? Glue together different bamboo shades and frame it with bamboo poles. This will provide a more coastal and airy look to the room.

The headboard can also be painted to blend in well with the hues of the room. But it is best to leave it as such for a more natural feel.

Log Headboard

Attach round wooden pieces to a base and paint it to look like logs. You can paint the logs in different shades of brown to make it stand out. This would go well with a rustic or country like décor.

Creativity and imagination is all that is required to beautify your bedroom. You need not have to spend a lot if you put in a little time and effort in coming up with unique designs.

Things that are lying in your backyard or that is left unused in your attic can be converted into beautiful pieces of headboard with little creativity and imagination.


10 Awesome Bedroom Decor Ideas with Wooden Headboards

5 Steps to Choosing the Right Rug

When decorating a home, there are many prescribed rug rules to follow. However, none of them are written in stone and virtually all can be broken under the right circumstances. This can make choosing rugs both liberating and confusing. Before taking a closer look at some rooms commonly in need of area rugs, let’s review the five steps to choosing the right rug.

1: Know Your Space

Are you dealing with a large open area? A smaller, confined space that is walled on all sides? Is it a room for relaxing or a showpiece for guests? Answering these questions will help determine the design direction of your rug. Generally, no matter the size of the room you’re shopping for, it can accommodate a larger rug than you might think.

2: Choose Your Color

If the room will be filled with furniture you already own, you will most likely want to choose a rug with a more subdued design. Because floors take so much of the eye’s attention, a competing pattern will be garish and disrupt the look of the entire room. A solid color taken from an existing piece or a neutral are the better choices.

On the other hand, if you’re starting from scratch with the room, it is an opportunity to buy a lively, patterned rug. The, complement it with new furniture that draws inspiration from colors in the rug.

3: Consider the Material

Faux fur might be tempting in its whimsy, but is usually impractical in high-traffic areas. Silk has sheen and sophistication but is expensive and not as durable. Polyester is strong, easy to clean, and can be made to look any number of ways, but it won’t impress your friends. Sisal stands up to heavy use, but can have more of an outdoor look.

4: Play with Texture

Perhaps the most overlooked aspect of rug-buying is the texture. The smoothness or ruggedness of a rug can complement or contrast the furniture in a room. Rustic rooms get a touch of contemporary class from a Persian-inspired rug. Elegant spaces can be made more inviting with a floor covering that is rich and sumptuous, beckoning guests to stay a while.

5: To Layer or Not to Layer?

A rug sandwich, is it twice as nice or too much of a good thing? Most often, the technique is used to allow a large neutral rug to do the heavy work of adding depth and comfort to a room, while a smaller piece on top with a blast of color or pattern injects life into the space. It is also a good way to show off heirloom rugs that might not be the correct size for contemporary homes. Artfully place them over top of a larger neutral rug. Note that this works best when both rugs are tight weave and low pile to avoid trip hazards.

Choosing a Dining Room Rug

Choosing a dining room rug size comes down to more than simple aesthetics. It must be large enough so guests can slide their chairs out without falling off the edge and also slide back in without the rug buckling under the chair legs.

It is advised that dining room rugs have an additional 24 inches of space on each of their four sides. To figure this, place the number of leaves you plan to use most often in the dining table, then measure the tabletop lengthwise and across. Add 48 inches to each of these two numbers to get your rug dimensions.

Also remember that shorter pile and easy-to-clean materials are a must. Deep pile makes chairs hard to move and traps every crumb. The high probability of spills and stains makes delicate and expensive fabrics out of the question.

Choosing a Living Room Rug

Do living room rugs need to be big enough for every piece of furniture to sit comfortably on top? Is it okay if only the front legs of couches and chairs rest on the rug? Can the rug be its own island, with the coffee table on top but nothing else touching it? The answer to all of these questions is yes, which shows you just how arbitrary rug rules really are. In the end, what matters is your personal taste. If it looks good to you, go for it.

However, there is one rule that stands the test of time. If you are considering getting a rug large enough to cover the whole room, leave 18 inches of bare floor all around the outside edge. Even this rule has an exception, though. For smaller rooms, it’s acceptable to leave only eight inches of space.

Choosing a Bedroom Rug

With queen and king beds, bedroom rug should be large enough to extend beyond the sides by 18 inches. For twin and double beds, this can be 12 inches. It is best that the entire bed fit on the rug, although nightstands don’t have to.

If you can’t afford a rug large enough to fit the entire bed, consider getting a bedside rug. These look best on the floor next to a bed that is positioned closely to one wall or in a corner. Rounded shapes work well in this situation because they contrast the squareness of the room and bed.

For even more info on choosing the perfect rug and a fabulous selection of pieces for any room in your home, visit

5 Steps to Choosing the Right Rug

A Guide to Creating Your Perfect Kitchen

Nowadays, when we are relaxing at the weekend, socializing with friends, or having an evening meal it is the kitchen in which we spend our time. Gone are the days of having kitchens in the basement or at the back of the house hidden away from the guests. Kitchens are truly now the heart of the home.

If you are looking to re-design your kitchen, create the perfect space for your home and get the kitchen of your dreams then here are just a few things for you to consider.

Which style suits you and your home?

Finding the perfect kitchen begins by finding a style that suits you and your family. For some this might mean something modern, quirky and bold, however for others this could mean traditional and timeless.

Whichever style works for you even if it is a mix of the both, you want to make sure that your perfect kitchen reflects that. Take the time to research about your perfect style, color scheme and overall look of the kitchen.

Make sure you choose high quality products

The perfect kitchen requires time and effort in terms of research and planning. This kitchen needs to last you a lifetime, work with your style and be durable to all the kitchen antics.

This is why Ramsbottom Kitchen Company knows that quality products are important. Don’t opt for the first kitchen because it is cheap and cheerful if you don’t feel the quality is right then it is okay to keep shopping around.

Choose great appliances like the Neff Ovens or Rangemaster Cookers and worktops or cabinets that really do make your kitchen the perfect room.

Think about how much space you have

Storage and space is the biggest priority when planning a new kitchen according to homeowners in the UK. This is because the kitchen might be the room you eat all your meals in, take the time to chat with your family in and

Do your research and speak to the experts

Most importantly when planning your perfect kitchen, make sure you have spoken to the experts. Once you have done your research online, come in and visit the showroom, meet with the experts and know that you are in good hands.

Ramsbottom Kitchen Company pride themselves on great customer service. Contact them today to find out more about all their kitchens.

A Guide to Creating Your Perfect Kitchen

Give Your Conservatory a Modern Makeover

The conservatory is a construction that has been around for decades, enhancing buildings for many different purposes over the years. With a history spanning over 2 centuries, the conservatory began as a construction that we would now call a greenhouse. Back in the 17th century we saw the first concepts of the conservatory, but they were stone structures used for exotic plants brought back from Europe and Asia.

The science community used many early conservatories of this kind, looking to learn more about plants from other countries. Soon after that, the conservatory’s purpose altered and it became a structure representing social prestige or wealth. Often, very important buildings had conservatories built in the grounds to impress guests. As they became a symbol of high status, they were naturally very few and far between. They were incredibly expensive to build and as such they were very exclusive to the wealthy.

Fast forward a few decades to the 1970s, and conservatories were quickly becoming popular in households up and down the country. They were one of the best ways to add extra space to small properties, providing an extra room for families. However, they were made with poor materials and became cheaper to be accessible to the masses. Thanks to the recession and trends changing with interior design, the public fell out of love with conservatories.

The Transformation of the Conservatory

The conservatory that was once made from poor quality materials underwent a resurgence and became a popular structure again in recent years. The British public love getting the most out of the good weather and a conservatory seemed the perfect way to encourage the sun. Sometimes known as a garden room, the conservatory of more recent times has become the favorite room in the home through the summer months.

However, homeowners quickly concluded that conservatories suffered from extreme temperatures; too hot in the summer, and freezing cold in the winter. Thanks to glass roofs and poor insulation, the conservatory needed a makeover to ensure it remained a popular addition for homes.

So, what made them so popular again? Why are conservatories still such a desirable feature, decades down the road?

The Modern Conservatory

Today, customers are much more savvy when it comes to making improvements to their homes. Conservatories have become popular thanks to an increase in quality materials and better construction. Developments in elements such as glass and other such parts of the conservatory mean that they are much more comfortable to use.

What’s more, new designs are also available, catering to a modern audience who love being able to choose the best solution for them. The replacement conservatory roof, for example, can transform your conservatory using modern tiles. Creating long-lasting appeal, this solid tiled roof provides your home with that all-important addition without the worry of extreme temperatures or noise from the rain.

Bringing the conservatory into the 21st century, you can choose a conservatory design that works perfectly for you and your family.

Give Your Conservatory a Modern Makeover

How to Easily Keep Your Bathroom Clean?

Good housekeeping has stated that whenever we flush the toilet without having put the lid down the germs can spray up to six feet away from the toilet! Whilst you take a minute to digest this fact it’s about time you realized that bathrooms can be disgusting places.

Don’t waste time searching for disinfectants, lime scale remover or bleach, have all the products in one place for you to use when needed.

No matter whether you are a homeowner, business owner or both, keeping your bathroom clean is important. However, for many of us it is hard to find time to clean our bathroom each week because it is either in constant use or it is the last thing on our list at the end of the day.

Here are just a few ways you can make keeping your bathroom as clean as possible that little bit easier:

Have All the Right Products on Hand

The best way to make sure you do a good job of cleaning your bathroom is to have all the right products at hand. Don’t waste time searching for disinfectants, lime scale remover or bleach, have all the products in one place for you to use when needed.

System Hygiene have thousands of products perfect for business and homeowners to have on hand to make sure your bathroom is spotless. Find the best bathroom cleaning products along with dusters, sprayers and a range of other washroom supplies.

Stock them under the sink, in a nearby cupboard or somewhere that you can get to easily.

Wipe Down the Surfaces While You Brush Your Teeth

The world’s busiest people tend to be the world’s best multitaskers. Picking the kids up from school whilst on an important business call, doing the weekly shop whilst walking the dog and even eating your evening meal whilst reading through emails.

All these tasks take great skill so why can’t you transfer some of this skill to cleaning your bathroom as well? Each morning brush your teeth in the bathroom as you wipe down the sink, cabinets and any other surfaces in the bathroom. This saves you time later in the week and makes sure that your bathroom surfaces are clean.

Use a disinfectant spray to make sure your bathroom surfaces are as germ free as possible.

Rinse the Shower or Bath After Use

If you are trying to keep on top of cleaning a bathroom at work, then rinsing down the shower or bath after use might not be a topic that applies to you. However, you can also apply this to rinsing a sink as well.

When you use the bath, show or sink you often use soaps, shampoos, conditioners, body wash and a range of other products that can leave marks. Although these marks can be scrubbed away, if they are left for a long period it can make the job much harder for you.

After every shower, bath or even just washing your hands take a couple of minutes to rinse down the surfaces so you aren’t leaving yourself with a bigger job in a couple of weeks’ time.

Use a disinfectant spray to make sure your bathroom surfaces are as germ free as possible.

Mop the Floor at the End of Every Week

Most often than not bathroom flooring is laminate or tiled which makes wiping it down very simple. Working in a business, an office, a school or any other place which gets a lot of traffic means the bathrooms are used constantly. This also means that the floor of the bathroom is walked upon and can be covered in dirt.

At the end of each week it is a good idea to mop the floor with floor cleaner and warm water. Make sure you put out signs warning people that the floor might be slippery and then go ahead and mop.

Stock up on all the latest products, take the time to wipe down surfaces and enjoy a life of clean bathrooms!

How to Easily Keep Your Bathroom Clean?